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  1. Mass Communications Laboratory 

This laboratory, also referred to as the Media Hub, is a venue for Radio, TV, Print, and New Media workshops. The center has an Editing Suite with high definition camera set-up where students produce their projects in broadcasting. The laboratory becomes an interactive place of diverse interrelated mass communication activities geared towards developing the character of the students as they gain competence in their chosen field of expertise.

  1. Psychology Laboratory

Also referred to as Psychological Research Laboratory, it provides equipment and facilities which may be relevant for conducting Psychological (especially Experimental) Research.  Mandated by CMO No. 38 Series of 2010, an up-to-date collection of psychological test materials (i.e., intelligence, aptitude and personality tests) are found inside the Psychology Laboratory.

  1. Engineering Laboratories

The Engineering laboratories are classroom extensions for Engineering students and are used to perform activities required according to subject’s nature. These include Soil Mechanics, Materials and Testing, Hydraulics, Mechanics of Fluids and Surveying.

  1. Natural Science Laboratories

The school maintains an up-to-date fully-equipped, well-ventilated laboratories. Students are entitled to use the facilities subject to the existing rules and regulations of the school. The laboratory can also accommodate research work related to Natural Sciences for a fee. Specifically, the natural science laboratory includes chemistry and physics laboratories.

  1. Environmental Science Laboratory

Environmental Science Laboratories include indoor and outdoor activities intended for holistic development of the students’ knowledge, competence and skills in dealing with environmental issues and concerns as course’s thrusts.  These will also develop the students’ character and practices in dealing the life support systems such as air, land and water as they gain expertise and competence in their chosen field. These include the following areas of concerns: General Biology I; Biology 2;General Chemistry I; General Chemistry II; Analytic Chemistry; Biochemistry; Ecology and Management of Ecosystem; Hydrology and Meteorology; Environmental Monitoring; Environmental Impact Assessment System; Microbiology; Plant Pathology; Integrated Land Use Planning and Watershed Management; Oceanography and Water Quality

  1. Customs Mock Laboratory is used for customs procedure documentation and lodgment of import and export entries.
  1. Social Laboratory is used as simulation area for Social Work students. Activities conducted include presentations of programs, training, fora and seminars.