The Research, Extension and Development Office (REDO) was established in Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges with the following functions:

  1. Ensures that research programs/projects are in accordance with priorities and policies of the College.
  2. Coordinates and monitors research activities of the different RMMC units.
  3. Assists the College in making research as an integrated academic and professional activity in all faculty undertakings.
  4. Generates projects and activities, which shall encourage an integrated multidisciplinary approach to research in close collaboration with all units of the College.
  5. Undertakes continuing evaluation of the College research efforts for the purpose of assisting in the formulation of policies, which shall facilitate and enhance the conduct of research.
  6. Develops linkages with other institutions for assistance and collaboration in the search efforts of the College.
  7. Undertakes activities and projects, which shall enhance the capability of the College, that is training, seminars, and workshops.
  8. Publishes research results regularly through Research Abstracts publication. It also publishes the RMMC Research Newsletters.
  9. Conducts research fairs and exhibits to enable researchers to discuss results with peers and special publics.  


The Director of the Research and Development Office (RDO) is responsible for promotions and coordinating research activities and programs in all units of the College. The Director is directly responsible to the College President.


The Director performs the following functions:

  1. Initiates institutional and academic research activities.
  2. Coordinates the research activities of the different institutional units in the College.